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Unique album by Eastern Expressions


Album description: 


Dynamic Middle Eastern rhythms fuse with exotic Far Eastern atmospheres, organic electronic Hip Hop beats

smoothly blend together with mesmerizing Jazz harmonies. Featuring the amazing sounds of guest artists such as

Kondo Toshinori, Wataru Kousaka and Tim Rayborn, this album represents a unique and long-awaited sequel to the

notorious Eastern Expressions album series.


The compositions on this album were created during different periods of Ruben van Rompaey's artist travels

around the globe. The result is an exciting meeting of musical worlds, a spiritual voyage and amalgamation of

traditional oriental moods and modern sound adventures.


Extra: including 3 bonus tracks! 


Track listing:


1.  Samarkand 

2.  Show Time

3.  Rainbow

4.  Secret Garden

5.  This Is Lounge

6.  Silk Road XL

7.  Rising

8.  Orientalize

9.  Coming Up

10. Taksim Square

11. Fata Morgana

12. Mister Tabla


Bonus Tracks:


13. Temple Of Dance

14. Sadhana

15. 1001 Nights

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