Modern Darbuka Technique Vol. 1

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Ruben van Rompaey

Modern Darbuka Technique Vol. 1

A complete guide to modern darbuka technique. Covering subjects such as the Turkish split hand technique, single strokes, rolls, special effects and much more!!



Chapters: 31

Play along tracks: 3

Total playing time: 1h36m

Release date: 2/01/2011

Ruben van Rompaey (1978, Bergen op Zoom, Holland) became well known for his cd trilogy “Eastern Expressions” within the international musical scenes of World music and Bellydance. As solo artist and workshop leader he performed at a variety of national and international Jazz and Bellydance festivals, which brought him to  countries like USA and Japan. Ruben is winner of several awards, such as the Tama Drummer’s Award (1999), Erasmus Jazz Award (2001) and a special Scholarship (2001). After having obtained his master degree cum laude at the conservatory Ruben taught at the conservatory for several years, before finally founding his own Eastern Expressions International School of Drums & Percussion in Rotterdam, with the notorious: “Be Yourself” as the school’s vision.

Besides his active career as a solo artist Ruben currently has six albums released.
He also is the author of three methods for darbuka, which has yet been translated into various languages. Recently Ruben’s own signature cymbals have been released by Turkish Cymbals Istanbul.

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